Getting to Motors and Soul :

  • You come by Motorcycle or car ?

We have lot of free parking spaces in the grounds of the festival. Please do not park outside on the public domain.

  • How about accommodation ?

You come from far away, no worries we have everything planned for you. Here is a list of quality hotels and B&B in the surroundings.

  • What are the opening hours ?

Doors open at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday and close at 7 pm.


On Site :

  • Is admission to the event free ?

Unfortunately not, this type of event requires heavy investments to ensure a great experience to everyone, so we need to charge an entry fee. You may book your tickets in advance on line : here . You may also buy your tickets on arrival however, there may be a bit of waiting at the ticket office (you are warned now)

  • I am a student, may i enter the Festival?

There is no age restriction. Everyone is very much welcome!

  • Are children admitted to the Festival?

Yes of course there is no age to share our passion with the youngest but watch out there are vehicles moving on the site and around the site so be careful with your youngsters, the party must remain the party…

Protect your and their ears!

We do not distribute earplugs but the music or noise made by certain vehicles can hinder the most sensitive or the youngest, so protect them!

Entrance is free for children younger up to 12 years old.

  • Should I own a “moto ou auto de caractère” to attend the event ?

No. You may access the festival with any vehicle however it is better to have your ‘moto ou auto de caractère’ for the Rides and Ballads!

  • What is the Festival program?

Ask for it ! on Program

Please notice this page is changing day by day, the best to keep update is to subscribe to our newsletter .

  • Are there food and drinks on site ?

Sure! We have set-up a food-court with a variety of food trucks around. You will find all kinds of food to meet your own preference

  • Thirsty ?

Discover our bars! Please notice that we do not serve alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on site.

You may bring your food and drinks along with you but in small quantity (not to feed all the festival goers) and remember, alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the site with the exception of the artisanal beer sold at the bar.

  • Bathrooms ?

There are numerous bathrooms installed on the festival, so please respect the cleanliness of the place and nature!

  • Who can participate to the Rides and Ballads ?

All visitors registered with the organization, no less than 20 Rides and Ballads are organised throughout the weekend.

Rides and Ballads take place on the public roads so respect of road regulations and a proper insurance cover is compulsory

Moreover, road-books will be distributed to those who prefer to discover the roads of Vallée de Chevreuse by themselves.

  • Where to register up for the “concours de style” ?

You will the registration form and the regulations of the ‘Concours de Style’ when you buy your ticket on this link .


  • You find something on site ?

For its owner’s sake, bring the object to our reception or our Virage8 boutique.

  • You lost something ?

Ask us at our reception or our Virage8 boutique

Or inform us about your loss by e-mail . We will let you know our list of found and lost.

In case of emergency

For an advice, a request for your health, you get to the medical post in the centre of the festival.

You will not get a prescription, but emergency care will be available.

If necessary, you will be referred to a practitioner or to the hospital…